About Us

Develop your career today through structured career education, to improve your work readiness, your ability to find work, sustain work and build the career you want.

CEAV Career Counselling Australia (CCCA) is a registered charity, providing career education and careers counselling services to the community. CCCA provides face to face career guidance and e-career counselling via video conferencing or telephone. All our Career Counsellors are professionally trained and hold the Graduate Certificate in Career Development and follow the CEAV Code of Ethics.

Our services include the Employment Readiness Scale ™ (ERS) tool, an online self-assessment that helps you to identify how ready you are for work. The ERS tool has an inbuilt action plan and is included in our career counselling services. The careers counsellor will work with you to review your results, identify the type of support that will be most useful, and help you to create clear steps in an action plan that moves you towards your career goals.

We provide careers counselling services to all members of the community:

  • Youths
  • Graduates
  • Adults
  • Career changers
  • Retrenched workers
  • People struggling to find work
  • Veterans
  • Asylum Seekers
  • Refugees
  • People with disability
  • Forensic/community re-entry

CCCA develops relationships with industry, training organisations and service providers to support our clients in their career development. We build partnerships with organisations and not-for-profit service providers to ensure the most vulnerable members of our community access our skills and capacity building career counselling services.


The CEAV Career Counselling Australia vision is aimed at building the capacity of those most disadvantaged in the community to manage their career development so that they can lead productive and successful lives.


Our mission is to provide careers counselling services to increase participation in the workforce and provide relief from poverty. Our careers counselling services focus on overcoming the specific barriers to gaining employment, entering training and further education, returning to study.

CCCA Board of Directors

CEAV Careers Counselling Australia is governed by a Board of Directors that meets regularly to consider social justice issues in relation to accessing professional careers guidance for the most disadvantaged in our community.  The CCCA Board of Directors are all experienced qualified professionals with links to industry, government, corporate and educational organisations.  The Board of Directors meet with leading industry partners and stakeholders to set the agenda for change in the delivery of career careers services and they analyse and review practices to ensure currency of purpose and delivery of quality outcomes for all CCCA clients.

CEAV Career Counselling Australia Board of Directors 2020


Bernadette Gigliotti

Naomi Corlett

Frank Thompson

Olwyn Gray

David Baber

Leah Pappas - CCCA Manager

Jane Stewart

Madeleine Babiolakis

Lee Ponsioen - Company Secretary