Eligibility and Fees

The purpose of CEAV Career Counselling Australia is to provide careers counselling services to increase participation in the work force and provide relief from poverty.  This purpose is achieved by providing careers counselling services to individuals that focus on overcoming the specific barriers to gaining employment and/or entering training and further education experienced by marginalised individuals.


For CCCA Careers Counselling services:  

  • indigenous communities;
  • individuals experiencing chronic unemployment or underemployment due to limited work experience and training;
  • individuals with physical or mental disabilities;
  • individuals with limited English language or literacy skills, refugees and asylum seekers; and
  • individuals from low socio-economic backgrounds who are employed but have limited options to advance in their career;

We will provide careers counselling services to individuals who are unemployed or at risk of unemployment and we develop relationships with relevant companies and training organisations to facilitate employment opportunities for our clients.


CEAV Career Counselling Australia is able to extend a minimal charge to some clients who are experiencing disadvantage, but are currently in some form of paid employment (part time or full time). This potential charge is in order to ensure there is assistance in funding CEAV Career Counselling Australia's services.  Please contact the CCCA to discuss our fee structure.