Fundraising Events


There is a wider public benefit to be served in overcoming the lack of knowledge and skills and other disadvantage experienced by certain groups of people in the community seeking access to career and employment opportunities.

CEAV Careers Counselling Australia values career development as a means to promote social inclusion, economic benefit and sustainable human workforce development, so that all people may lead engaging and productive lives.

CCCA raises funds through donations and is a registered charity for purposes of DGR .  All fundraising is used to provide professional careers counselling services free of charge to majority of its clients.  Donations towards building the career capacity of disadvantaged individuals through a range of activities;

$20 - Development of a Resume Portfolio

$60 – Counselling Session

$100 – Employment Fit out eg.  Clothing, shoes and toiletries

$150 Bank of four counselling sessions

$200 – Helps one Asylum seek towards education costs