CCCA Vision

The CEAV Career Counselling Australia vision is aimed at building the capacity of those most disadvantaged in the community to manage their career development so that they can lead productive and successful lives.

CCCA Mission

Our mission is to provide careers counselling services to increase participation in the workforce and provide relief from poverty.  Our careers counselling services focus on overcoming the specific barriers to gaining employment, entering training and further education, returning to study.

Career paths

We provide careers counselling to:

  • Indigenous communities
  • people experiencing unemployment, underemployment due to limited work experience and training
  • people with physical and mental disabilities
  • refugees and migrants with low English skills
  • individuals on low income with limited options to advance in their career.

CCCA Board of Directors

CEAV Careers Counselling Australia is governed by a Board of Directors that meets regularly to consider social justice issues in relation to accessing professional careers guidance for the most disadvantaged in our community.  The CCCA Board of Directors are all experienced qualified professionals with links to industry, government, corporate and educational organisations.  The Board of Directors meet with leading industry partners and stakeholders to set the agenda for change in the delivery of career careers services and they analyse and review practices to ensure currency of purpose and delivery of quality outcomes for all CCCA clients.