Leave a Legacy


 Your impact

A gift in your will, large or small, plays a vital role in ensuring the CCCA can continue to educate and empower unemployed people so they can create a new story and a new future. Importantly, gifts in wills help the CCCA build capacity to advocate for vulnerable unemployed people and drive change. By including the CCCA in your will, you can create a lasting legacy to uphold basic human rights for vulnerable unemployed people in the community and a commitment to fostering a more equitable and inclusive Australia.

To speak to CCCA about leaving a gift in your will please complete the form at the bottom of this page and one of our friendly staff will contact you.

Leave a gift in your will

A gift in your will can leave a profound and lasting impact on the lives of people who are unemployed and most disadvantaged in the community.

Educating and empowering others to be able to manage their own career is at the heart of CEAV Career Counselling Australia (CCCA), our volunteers, staff and stakeholders have supported the work we do to become the first community careers centre of its kind.

Your support helps CCCA sustain the work we do with community and ensures that the most disadvantage people receive the support they need to become stronger and create the lives that they would like to lead.