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There is a wider public benefit to be served in overcoming the lack of knowledge and skills and other disadvantage experienced by certain groups of people in the community seeking access to career and employment opportunities. CEAV Career Counselling Australia values career development as a means to promote social inclusion, economic benefit and sustainable human workforce development, so that all people may lead engaging and productive lives.

19/02/16 Thank you very much for today.  I really thank you all for the collective efforts which enabled parents with ASD children like myself the opportunity to attend such a program and gain some informative information. Once again thank you for a great parent forum. Jodie

I just wanted to say the outcomes from our partnering together has been one of the big success stories and highlights for me as Metro Access. For the very first time I believe we have an in-depth understanding what the challenges are for people with ASD in the western suburbs. I can’t wait to see what you guys do with the video clips filmed at the forum. This ...I believe will be very powerful. If there is a further project in this, let me know. Very keen to continue a partnership. Warren

Clients to the CEAV Career Counselling Australia service exist as whole people with issues in multiple arenas of their lives. Career issues for our clients are sometimes intertwined with mental health and family concerns these issues need to be addressed as part of the counselling process in order for individuals to achieve a successful outcome in their counselling process. Many of the clients seeking our services will require the skilled practitioner to manage successful referrals to our partner organisations who can provide support services to meet additional needs.  For example; a client with a visual disability who is struggling to connect with employment maybe referred to an expert in adaptive technology as part of their Career Action Plan.  In this way we provide guidance support that includes targeted support for specific needs.  Individuals who need psychological counselling to support their Career Planning maybe referred to services as part of their overall Career Action Plan.

CEAV Career Counselling Australia acknowledges the importance of partners in the guidance process and we have strong partnerships to support the people we advocate for, to ensure they achieve the outcomes they are seeking.


Your donations will help us to continue to provide careers counselling services to the most marginalised in our community free of charge.  Every donation goes back into building the capacity of the individuals who are disadvantaged to become good career self-managers and promote their worth, value, skills and capabilities to all in our community.

You can support the work of the CCCA by making a Donation – all donations over $2.00 are tax deductable.