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Now that you have spent some time learning more about yourself in the Explore your interests section, it is time to explore the options that are available to help you. Undertake further research in relation to careers that you may have already discovered or research other career options that you might like to consider. This page will help you broaden you career ideas and find out what it might be like to work in a particular occupation. The more information you have the easier it will be to narrow down your options and make a career decision. 

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CEAV Career Tools is a valuable career resource where you will find career information for individuals, parents and carers, students and job seekers.

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My Future
You will need to sign up so you can create a profile and save your information. Click on Occupations. This section will allow you to explore occupations by:

  • Interest areas
  • Learning areas
  • Work conditions
  • Skill level

You can also explore Industries, Courses, Career insights and Career bullseyes

Job Outlook
Click on Careers > Explore Careers, to explore information about various occupations such as:

  • Tasks and duties
  • Future Job growth
  • Education and training pathways
  • Skills and knowledge
  • Work environment

 Youth Central
Jobs and Careers
Click on Jobs and Careers> Career Profiles, to read stories about people working in various occupations.

Study and Training
Click on Study and Training to find out about the various study pathways.